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We are here to make your bank accountable to you. We smooth the way for British Columbians to a better mortgage - with the best possible rates, personal service, and long-term support.

BC Mortgage Connection Corp. facilitates mortgage pre-approvals, negotiates with banks to offer you the most favourable package, and then helps with the paperwork needed to transition to your new mortgage. And we'll continue to assist you with advice and support long after the mortgage is signed.

We believe that both first time and renewing mortgage holders are best represented by an independent mortgage broker, not a bank's employee.

First time home buyers already have the unfamiliar task of buying a home to contend with; effectively negotiating with the bank on top of this can leave the borrower at a distinct disadvantage. Our experienced brokers will negotiate on your behalf with several banks, finding the right deal for you.

Until recently, British Columbians renewing their mortgage had preferred to stay with their old bank rather than seriously shopping around. What is more, according to the CMHC, 70% of people renewing at their bank "accept the bank's first offer without negotiating or shopping around." The resulting rates are often posted rates, inflated by 1% or more above the best negotiated rate. Relationships of this kind with an incumbent bank are rarely in your best interests.

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We never take the bank's position: we take yours.

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