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Mortgage renewals and transfers
CMHC stats show that over 50% of all Canadians don't look at their mortgage until mortgage renewal time, and over 70% accept the first rate their bank offers. We can help you do better, by helping you pick the best possible time to renew your mortgage, and by securing the lowest negotiated rate.

Contact us to find out more about when, how and where to renew your mortgage.

Debt consolidation and refinancing
Whether you have multiple high interest debts such as credit cards and personal loans, or need capital for home improvement or any other needs, we have extensive experience refinancing homes in a way that reduces our customers' monthly debt load, and pays the mortgage off faster.

Contact us to find out more about effective and affordable debt consolidation and refinancing.

Mortgages for self-employed people
Many independent business owners, including contractors, consultants and commissioned sales people, find themselves unnecessarily penalized when it comes to mortgage financing. We will present you to lenders that look for the reasons to do a deal rather than the reasons not to. They are out there. You can you qualify for a fully discounted mortgage, even if you are recently self employed or have few supporting documents.

Contact us to find out about mortgage services for self employed clients.

Commercial Mortgages
We work with both individuals and companies in British Columbia, and can save you money on your next commercial loan or renewal. We also have programs designed for multi-family commercial investors.

Contact us and get informed on how to get a commercial mortgage at a competitive rate.

First Time Home Buyers
We're committed to making your home purchase uncomplicated and rewarding. We will advise you of the various down payment options including 'no money down' and then let you select the one that is best for you. For more information, see our Buyer's Guides.

Contact us to find out more about financing your first home.

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