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Can't I just negotiate on my own?
Negotiating on your own can be a viable option. However many people ask that we be at their side for the following reasons.

  • Most people don't have the time or resources to compare many lenders. We deal with over 50.
  • Most people aren't sure of what kind of rate their situation entitles them to. We've made this our business.
  • Most people aren't comfortable negotiating with banks. We are.
  • Most people aren't up to coordinating the paperwork to finalize a mortgage. We make our customers' transition a smooth one.

What will an independent mortgage broker cost me?
In over 98% of transactions, this service is not billed to the customer. We are compensated directly by the bank, just like a bank's own in-house mortgage sales staff. In the rare occasion that fees are charged they must be approved by you in advance.

But won't this cost be passed on to me?
No: banks pay in-house brokers, or independent brokers like us for bringing them new business. We strongly believe that it's in your best interests to negotiate through an independent broker. We are not limited to any one financial institution and, unlike many bank staff, are not compensated based on rate or margin.

Don't the banks already have mortgage brokers I can talk to?
The banks have commission sales agents on staff - often referred to as brokers - who are limited to selling their own institution's packages. Do you really think they will tell you about a better product from a competing bank? We will.

What kind of bank will I be getting money from if I go with a mortgage broker?
It's up to you; we will provide you with options. Most of our business goes to the major banks but we also deal with credit unions, trust companies, insurance companies and private lenders where necessary.

How do I know that mortgage brokers will behave ethically?
We are bound by a strict code of ethics, covering confidentiality, competence and truth in advertising. We also adhere to a strict privacy policy.

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